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My name is Petra and I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer living in Jacksonville, FL. Born and raised in former Czechoslovakia, I came to US in 1999 and quickly settled in the beautiful sunny Florida. My artistic journey started here more than 10 years ago with graphic design followed by studies in black & white portraiture. I graduated from University of North Florida with a degree in Fine Arts and it was there I found intense passion for photography. From studio and location shoots to darkroom film and print development, I explored many different genres and photographic processes.

My passion for portrait photography quickly grew into a professional pursuit and I am loving every minute of it. The joy and love I see in people and the celebration filled with movement and emotion makes it easy for me to focus my attention on lifestyle and wedding photography. I also create personal fine art photography for local businesses as well as individuals.

Personally, I get inspiration from simple things in life: travel adventures and spontaneous moments spent with my family and friends, breathtaking florida sunsets or a glass of good wine. Having studied graphic design and photography, I am a total visual addict, an artist, dreamer, yogi and a huge animal lover. So fur babies are welcome to come along... 

I am a proud mama to two adorable, spoiled–rotten fur kids which naturally lead me to explore pet photography and subsequently to other pet related photo adventures. Last year I became a two–time published commercial pet photographer and have since continued to also pursue the pet photography genre. If you would like to see some of my pet work, head over to www.petra– I hope you enjoy!  


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